Domestic and Overseas Schools

The world is our classroom

Jingbei Campus

Jingbei campus is located in the north of the capital ecological new area, with high forest coverage, the air quality is above good in most of the year. The campus covers an area of more than 667,000 square meters (165 acres), and consists of two campuses in Huailai, Hebei Province and Zhangshanying in Yanqing District,Beijing, which can accommodate 5,000 students. It is a green ecological campus integrating study, sports, life, and leisure. Besides, the Ice and Snow Project Base of State Physical Culture Administration for reserving Chinese national team talents for the Olympic Games is also located here.

Jingbei Campus adheres to the academy’s school-running thought of, “integrating the advantages of Chinese and Western education,” and takes the head school education pattern as a model to provide holistic, personalized and diversified growth space for students aged 3-18. The management team of the campus shall be synchronously appointed by the management team of the Beijing general school, and the teacher team shall be directly designated by the Beijing general school.

Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School

The educational philosophy of Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School has been very explicit since its establishment. Foreign Language embodies the tenet of internationalized schooling oriented to the world; Shi Yan is an open posture that expresses the determination of the school to strive to be a pioneer in China’s private basic education field.

The development speed of the school can be comparable with the development speed of China’s economy. There were only 119 students at the founding of the school, and now the number students has reached more than 5,000 and the faculty and staff number over 1,000. Currently, it is the largest-scale private school in Beijing’s fundamental education field.

Beijing Haidian International School

Beijing Haidian International School is developed from the International Primary School and International Junior High and Senior High School of Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School. The school utilizes a 12-year Two-paths teaching system is offered for students, which ensures seamless docking with the same grade in USA.

Beijing Haidian International School implements a small class teaching system, with one teacher for each five students, and the classes below the senior high school are jointly managed by Chinese and Western head teachers. Students can study in different places in the world and experience intensive Chinese and Western cultural linking.

Grade 5 students can enter into the school in North Carolina, US to study; Grade 8 students can study in the school in New Jersey, US; Grade 11 students can study in Michigan, US. After passing the senior high school graduation examination, students can get both Chinese and American senior high school graduation diplomas.

Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School Kindergarten

Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School Kindergarten, a first-class level-A kindergarten in Beijing, is an internationalized kindergarten built by Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School from nearly 20 years of professional knowledge and training. With the cultivation goal of “Habit Formation, Potential Development, Multilingual Dialogue and Knowledge Enlightenment”, the kindergarten formed an all-age education system with primary school, junior and senior high school.

The kindergarten shares the education park area of 260,000 square meters with the primary school, junior and senior high school and can accommodate over 400 preschool children. The percapita building area, occupied area, green area and activity site are all above the standard of national first-class kindergartens.

Chaoyang Campus is located in West Street,of Xinglong, Gaobeidian Chaoyang district, with a floor area of about 2,300 square meters. It can accommodate more than 230 students. In 2019, the new students will be welcomed to the campus.

Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School Wuhan Campus

Wuhan Campus occupies an area of more than 160,000 square meters, with a building area of 100,000 square meters, and integrates the kindergarten, primary school, and junior and senior high school as one.

Inheriting the advanced international education concept of Haidian Foreign Language and its rich educational achievements in academy, art, sports and technology, Wuhan Campus sows the seeds of international education most suitable for Chinese students in Central China, making the education with the featured gene of Haidian Foreign Language Academy take root and sprout in Wuhan.