Health Care

School clinic is one of the important departments to assure the school's education and teaching work move smoothly.



School doctors are on duty in the school clinic 24 hours a day. The clinic helps maintain a healthy teaching environment.

The school clinic contains a doctor’s office,waiting room, examination room, archives area, and recovery area.

According to the, “byelaw of school health work,”and “the infectious diseases of the People’s Republic of China law” given by the Department Of The City Board Of Education and the Health Administrative Department, the school clinic is tasked with the duty to do the following;

  • teach health education,
  • main prevention and control of infectious diseases;
  • conduct student health examinations;
  • coordinate student health insurance services;
  • maintain student vaccination information;
  • assist with vaccinating students;
  • treatment of temporary emergency situations; and
  • offer emergency and rescue and referral services.

Through being offered all of these services, students can grow and develop in a safe and healthy learning environment.

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