Fresh Air System

Every classroom and in-door gymnasium is equipped with the air fresh system

The indoor air filtering system in the teaching buildings, gymnasium, art building, dormitory buildings, dining centers, and all other buildings has three layers of filtering that can effectively filter out all particles PM0.5 and larger from the air.

Inflatable Stadium

The stadium provides a good safe life learning environment for all teachers and students. HaidianForeign Language Academy features an inflatable stadium, built in 2011, to provide children with an indoor sports location with clean filtered air. The stadium holds fencing, badminton, table tennis, tennis and other sports classes. The floor area is 2,100 square meters, situated beside the school’s outdoor national standard sized sports track and field.

The inflatable stadium’s walls are regulated by intelligent computer control to maintain a stable pressure between the outside and inside air to support the whole structure.  This makes sure the whole structure is balanced.

The inflatable stadium has its own standalone power generator, to ensure the pressure and structure of the stadium walls will remain in normal working order for 24 hours.

The entrance of the inflatable stadium features a decompression chamber consisting of two sets of doors, to maintain building pressure as people enter the facility. The inflatable stadium has three one-way automatic springback emergency doors that open from the inside of the facility to the outside. Emergency doors can be opened by pushing a handle. These doors are only used during the event of an emergency. A PM2.5 air filter system is used in the inflatable stadium.  Filtered air is brought into the stadium through a wind channel. The air pressure inside the stadium is greater than the outdoor air pressure, so that particles in the air PM2.5 or bigger are kept out of the facility.

Used air is expelled through the roof of the inflatable stadium through two wind channels. The covering of inflatable stadium is double composite protective film. The interior of the covering is composed of insulation materials to keep temperature inside stable, through resisting cold air in winter and hot air in summer; Interior temperature is controlled through central air conditioning.

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