School Environment

All sweet memories and happy experience come from Haiwai, even from the grass and trees.

Haidian Foreign Language Academy provides an ideal campus for growth and development.

Black swans grace the pond, alpacas greet every child, whimsical songs fostering creativity blow through the apricot blossoms, and students stroll freely in whirling phoenix trees. Nice and happy growth experiences come from every tree and bush of Haidian Foreign Language Academy. All things have souls. The beauty of nature can stimulate children’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge. This is the most important impetus for humans to forge ahead.

Jingbei campus is located in the north of the capital ecological new area, with high forest coverage, the air quality is above good in most of the year. The campus covers an area of more than 667,000 square meters (165 acres), and consists of two campuses in Huailai, Hebei Province and Zhangshanying in Yanqing District,Beijing, which can accommodate 5,000 students. It is a green ecological campus integrating study, sports, life, and leisure. Besides, the Ice and Snow Project Base of State Physical Culture Administration for reserving Chinese national team talents for the Olympic Games is also located here.  

Wuhan Campus is located in the south of Wuhan Guanggu, beautiful Tangxun lake, covering an area of 160,000 square meters, with a construction area of 100,000 square meters. There are 103 multi-function hall and photography studio, one-on-one piano room, recording studio room, dance studio, music room, art room, form, calligraphy room, digital interactive microscopy laboratory, etc.

Each classroom is equipped with modern multimedia teaching equipment. Indoor and outdoor sports venues are according to international standards of professional construction. It also has a standard outdoor all plastic 400 - meter track and field, football, volleyball, golf driving range, 5 basketball courts, table tennis field and three tennis courts and other professional outdoor sports playgrounds. There are large comprehensive gymnasiums, including tennis, basketball, swimming, taekwondo, fencing, gymnastics and so on.

  • 160000M2 COVER AREA
  • 100000M2 BUILDING AREA
  • 103 PIANO ROOM

Hainan Campus, located in the Baishiling Scenic Area, Qionghai City, Hainan Province, occupies an area of 1.670  million square meters and can accommodate about 3,000 students, equipped with international top-standard educational facilities of various kinds.

It has a tennis arena, an aquatic sports center with a 3.6 square kilometers of water area, 18-hole standard golf course, and other sports teaching facilities in nationwide schools.

The characteristic study and practice sites including the 1,000-seat music auditorium, art center, various sports facilities, equestrian training base, and a tropical botanical and zoological garden to provide the best guarantee for the diversified development space of students.

  • 1200000M2 COVER AREA
  • 3600000M2 WATER AREA
  • 18holes GOLF COURT

Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School  is at the foothills of the beautiful western mountains .

Its covers 260,000 square meters, and with the building area of 100,000 square meters. It has an aviary , Mini Zoo, Chinese Cultural Park and Transportation Park , outdoor activities courts, and many other areas foster development by offering an ideal learning environment .

The school zoo is certified as a conservation place for  Class Ⅱ national protected species. The school aviary contains of Silver, Lady Amherst, golden pheasants, red Crowned and Demoiselle cranes, white Storks, Mandarin ducks and white and black swans.

The school has all ranges classrooms from an ordinary to professional. Each classroom is equipped with multimedia teaching equipment. The school also has an observatory, photography, recording, art, dance, pottery, tea art studio, robot lab, gym, music rooms, culinary classroom, calligraphy room and 9 multi-function halls. The school also has a zoo, Chinese Culture Park , river bank park, and children’s activity park. In addition, school also provides 180 independent piano classrooms, so that every student can be tutored "face to face" by a piano teacher.

  • 260000M2 OCCUPIED AREA
  • 100000M2 BUILDING ARED
  • 60000M2 SPORTS COURT

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