Our educational philosophy is integrating both ancient, modern and Chinese as well foreign values.

Adhering to an open and inclusive pedagogy, and utilizing the best aspects of both ancient and modern Chinese and foreign education, Haidian Foreign Language Academy provides education for students from 3 to 18 years old. Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Experimental School was approved by Haidian District people’s government. The boarding school was established in 1999. Currently it services more than 5000 primary and middle school students, by 1000 faculty and staff people.  It is the largest boarding school in Beijing in terms of student population and campus size. It also has earned the greatest number of achievements for any boarding school in Beijing.

Haidian Foreign Language Academy

Haidian Foreign Language Academy has set up multiple branches, including Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School, Beijing Haidian International School, Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School KindergartenWuhan Campus, Hainan Campus, Jingbei Campus, Michigan Campus, New Jersey Campus and North Carolina Campus. Meanwhile, it also has the language practice sites in Britain, Australia, Japan, Germany, France and America.

Five Reasons to Choose Haidian Foreign Language Academy

  • Embrace Nature

    In Haidian Foreign Language Academy, you can get close to nature.

    Black swans grace the pond, alpacas greet every child, romantic songs blow through the apricot blossoms, and students stroll freely in whirling phoenix trees; Nice and happy growth experience comes from every tree and bush of Haidian Foreign Language Academy. All things have souls. The beauty of nature can stimulate children’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge. This is the most important impetus for humans to forge ahead.

  • Embrace Life

    In Haidian Foreign Language Academy, students can have an independent and rich life and also a group of close friends.

    Over 5, 000 students aged 3 to 18 live and study at the school 5 days a week. When most peers suffer from the busy life in adults’ world, boarding children sweat in the football pitch and swimming pool, or do other things as long as they like. “Children learn affiliation, love and respect in the process of getting along with companions every day, and the cooperation and emotional resonance among companions can help children gain wider cognition of society”. (Piaget, a famous child psychologist)

  • Embrace Study

    In Haidian Foreign Language Academy, students can select different learning paths.

    The Academy also created the original double-track teaching system. Students can reach the learning level of foreign peers while completing domestic courses well and reaching the forefront level in Haidian District. Chinese and American courses of the same grade are integrated seamlessly, and students can study abroad or shift to study in China without barriers at any grade.

  • Embrace the World

    In Haidian Foreign Language Academy, students can take part in international study programs and
    experience diverse cultures.

    Haidian Foreign Language Academy took more than 10 years to select international cooperation schools and create multiple language practice sites. Meanwhile, the campuses built in the USA, with green hills, deer, wild ducks, golf courses, tennis courts and villas, will become the home of children in the USA. In addition to second foreign language courses like Japanese, German and French, Haidian Foreign Language Academy will also set up language practice sites in Germany, France and Japan to enable students to “travel far, speak multiple languages and experience diversified cultures” in a quality and planned way.

  • Embrace the Future

    In Haidian Foreign Language Academy, students can become the future definer.

    The Academy advocates sports, art, and science and technologies in its schooling philosophy and enables students to have a global vision and mind, communicate and exchange with the international society, adapt to existence and development abroad, namely cross-cultural survival ability, and solve problems and create values. The teachers’ most frequent expression is, “It is hoped every child can do their best”.

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