New Jersey Campus


New Jersey Campus is situated beside Valley Cottage, 21 miles north from the world-famous military institute of The United States Military Academy. We cooperate with Paramus Catholic High School, Depaul High School and John S. Burke Catholic High School.

The school has a rigorous school spirit. Students mainly come from Bergen County which is the best school district in New Jersey, and is comprised of students from over 10 states in the USA, as well as a small number of international students. Graduates are admitted to elite schools such as Yale, Boston, Columbia University, and The Juilliard School of Music.

Closed to New York City, Depaul High School is a prestigious private day school, with 23 college sports teams and more than 30 extracurricular activities. John S. Burke Catholic High School has a history of more than one hundred years, and its alumni are all over the world. The school’s motto is, “Non Vox Sed Votum,” Latin for, “Not Words, but Deeds,” and has the school symbolic colors, blue, white and silver, which indicating its rigorous academic style.

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